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Old Forge Elementary LibGuide: MakerSpaces @ Your Library

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Makerspaces Ideas

Makerspaces @ OFE- We have a lot of options here in our Library Media Center for Makerspaces. New this year is the 3-D Doodler. Here is an example from their website on using 3-D Doodler for Literature studies.

3-D Doodler idea for Wimpy Kid

This 3-D Doodler pen is a good choice for elementary students, as the tip does not get hot. Ideas for this year include create treasures to put in our treasure chest! What are some artifacts that you can create with the Doodling pen that give an idea about something you read or viewed? Shown here are bubble wands created by Mrs. Bacon this summer. Mix equal parts of dishwashing liquid with water. Dip in bubble solution and enjoy! If you create a bubble wand that is NOT a circle, will the bubbles be round or the shape that you made?

Bubble Wands created with 3-D Doodler

Makerspaces at Old Forge

More Makerspace ideas at OFE! Use an electric toothbrush to attach a wiggly a highlighter. Use this to draw a treasure for our theme this year!

Toothbrush Wiggler


RoboBuddy- We use this to take photos and send them to our Google Docs. Theme this year- Treasures @ Your Library.

Robo Buddy