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The Most Amazing Place on Earth!!

Welcome message

Welcome to the Rockland Woods Elementary Library Media LibGuide

It will be great to see you back at Rockland Woods for 2021-2022! 


I can't wait to see all of you back in our media center for the 2021-2022 school year. We have an amazing computational thinking / STEAM curriculum that I can't wait to get started teaching.  We will be doing all kinds of coding activities and lots of STEM related stations.  We will be using robotics (ozobots and spheros), Lego, KEVA planks,, BeeBots, Botleys, and Code and Go Mice and other cool resources to help us learn how things work and digging deeply into how we think, not just answers to questions, but the HOW! I will be doing a lot of spraying down of equipment and cleaning to keep everything as safe and sanitary as possible. 




Thank you for visiting the most POSITIVE place on earth, Rockland Woods Elementary!  We appreciate you stopping by and checking out all the amazing things we are using and doing in our media program, but right now no visitors or volunteers are permitted until so approved by WCPS.  Rockland Woods is all about 21st Century learning and using technology to enhance the learning process.  We engage in Big 6 and Super 3 research processes to gather information and then come up with out of this world ways to share it.  Using databases to research, Google drive to collaborate, and making videos to share our knowledge just scratch the surface of what we are doing. We believe in staying positive and having a positive vision for our learning.  We do not tolerate bullying or shaming of any kind in our media center.  Diversity and acceleration are our buzz words for 2021-2022!


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Use this search box to search the Rockland Woods Elementary Follett Destiny catalog!  Type what you are looking for in the box and it will take you directly to our Rockland library and let you know if we have it or not.  We have 20,000 books, and if we don't have it, ask about getting it from another school library. Remember you have to be logged into Follett Destiny to be able to put a book on hold for Curbside Pickup.  Go back to Google Classroom and look over the video if you need help!


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What's Happening?

It is a new year and we are going to make the best of it!  We will be doing book exchange immediately when we return.  If you still have books in your account from during the pandemic, we are going to have to try to get those back before taking more home.

We will be having maker space stations with Ozmos, BeeBots and Code and Go Mice, Spheros (we now have 24), We Do Lego(18) duct tape, Perler Beads, IO blocks, Ozobots (36) , Keva planks, 3D printing and all kinds of other stuff!  And we have an Ozobot, an art station, and Power Clicks, so it will definitely be a busy year for sure.  We will be going through a lot of Lysol wiping things down and letting them sit before use again in another class, but we will figure this all out as we go!

Students in grades 2-5 will check out books every other week, and PRE K-1 every week.  The number of books usually matches the grade level, Pre K and K will get 1 book (they get a second when they forget, but no more than 2 books are allowed in their accounts), 1-2 will get 2 books, grade 3 will get 3, grade 4 a maximum of 4 books, and grade 5 can check out 5 books, but sometimes we get extra just because!  Some students will be held up due to missing materials, but they can always get a book from our massive free collection until they can find their missing stuff. 

2021-2022 is going to be an amazing year, and it will be my 29th in education, and even though it is very different than when I started, I am still trucking and learning all kinds of new things!!

Any student who finishes their library books prior to the time they have media, may stop into the library in the morning and drop their books off or use the handy drop box out front.  The library is open from 7:10-7:30 for students to drop off materials.  Please be on the lookout for anything that belongs to our library, a year is a long time to wait to bring books back, and we are missing A LOT of titles from our collection (over 550+ books are gone due to Covid and distance learning)



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Pam Rubisch
18201 Rockland Drive
Hagerstown, MD 21740

More About Me

I love to learn new things!  This is me with my 1954 Chevy Lead Sled.  Mr. Rubisch and I love the 1950s era, the cars, the music, and the lifestyle!  We are swing dancers who just like having fun. I went to Clarion University of Pennsylvania for my Elementary Education and Library Science degrees.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher of Library Science and I was Teacher of the Year in 2001! So I am always trying to add new knowledge and skills everyday of my life. I love technology and using it with students.