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Rockland Woods Elementary LibGuide: Capstone and Follett E-book library

The Most Amazing Place on Earth!!

Capstone Reading Challenge January-April 2022

The Capstone Reading Challenge will kick off January 1st!


Remember you can win prizes just by logging onto Capstone and reading books.  You have so much to choose from.  Remember to track everything you are doing and get parent signatures for each month!  Keep up the good work and check back for monthly updates of how we are doing! Directions are down below in a box for logging in, remember it is wctys42ci and you will need to contact Mrs. Rubisch if you forgot our school password. 




Total books read    


Diversity Titles from Capstone

Rockland Woods is a school filled with diversity.  Our student population comes from many different countries in the world and we embrace them all.  Our library has been adding a ton of books that help to express our diversity in print and in ebooks.  Make sure you don't miss some of the many books that have characters and situations that show students of all types in a variety of different situations.  Rockland Woods embraces DIVERSITY!! Check out some of the great books below and just click on it to open, it takes you right to the special title!

The books below are not an all inclusive list, we simply have too many to put them all down, this is just a sample.  Stop by the Capstone Library and take a look at what we have!!



Capstone Unlimited Use Library

We have over 650 unlimited use e-books from Capstone.  You simply need to visit the website, or download the Capstone app for free from the App Store, and you can get reading.

Log in information is wctys42ci and you will need to email me at if you have misplaced the password.  Ask your kid to think about this, we use it ALL the time at ROCKLand Woods.

Follett E-book library



WCPS has an ebook library.  You can download for free Destiny Discover from the app store which will allow you to save books to your device to read for up to 2 weeks.  This is a traditional ebook library, so sometimes you will find that books have been checked out by other students, so check back often to see if your title is available.

Log in information is use the same 5 and 3 combo that we use for almost everything, the first 5 letters of your last name and the first 3 letters of your first name.  Your password is your wcps+student id#.

Give it a try, now that all students in grades 3-5 have iPads, this should be a really great option for books!