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SIRS Issues Researcher: About

Subjects Covered

  • Abortion 
  • Adoption
  • Advertising
  • AIDS
  • Alcohol Use
  • Alternative Education
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Animal Rights
  • Bioethics and Cloning
  • Birth Control
  • Body Image
  • Censorship
  • Civil Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Criminal Justice
  • Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
  • Drug Control
  • Eating Disorders
  • Economic Policy, U.S.
  • Education Policy 
  • Elections
  • Environmentalism 
  • Ethics and Criminal Behavior
  • Family 
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Gambling 
  • Gay Rights
  • Global Economic Policy
  • Globalization
  • Gun Control
  • Health Care
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration
  • Mass Media
  • Medical Ethics
  • Mental Health
  • Poverty, International
  • Religion
  • Right of Privacy
  • School Safety 
  • Sex Education
  • Smoking
  • Space Exploration & Travel
  • Sports
  • Substance Abuse
  • Technology
  • Teenagers, Civil Rights
  • Terrorism
  • World Conflicts
  • More...

What is SIRS Issues Researcher?


SIRS® Issues Researcher provides background and current analysis necessary for the research and understanding of 320+ current and pervasive Leading Issues. Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues. Editorially-created Topic Overview pages help build solid foundations for understanding each issue. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy skills are promoted through engaging Essential Questions with answers and viewpoint articles. All articles, websites, videos, multimedia graphics, charts, maps, statistics, primary sources and government documents are hand-selected from thousands of national and international sources.

SIRS® Issues Researcher supports school curriculum and differentiated instruction through a wide-variety of features and tools including: Common Core, State and National standards correlations, article read aloud & language translation, Lexile scores, editorially written article summaries and citation generators. Research guides, Note Organizer, critical thinking skills builder, dictionary & thesaurus, and saved article lists aid all users throughout the research process.

Product Features & Benefits


100% Full-Text | Editorial Summaries  | Lexile Reading levels | 2,100+ Sources most as text+graphics | 80,000+ Subjects hand-indexed to Library of Congress  | high quality graphics & charts | 3000+ Interactives, maps, timelines & primary sources


Standards Alignment (including Common Core Standards) | Today’s News with streaming Video | ‘Top 10’ Leading Issues | Daily updating | Article Text to Speech | Language Translation | Citation Generator | Visual Browse | iTHINK Skills Tutor | Note Organizer | Curriculum Pathfinders | Dictionary & Thesaurus


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Common Core Writing Guide

SIRS continues to 'Take Aim' at Common Core Standards with brand new SIRS Common Core Writing and Information Literacy Guides directly supporting requirements under the category of writing logical arguments to support claims, integrating quantitative analysis, reading informational text, and understanding statistics.

Publication Coverage

To view the latest title list and publication coverage, please visit:

Publication Types

  • Books
  • Government Documents
  • Images
  • Interactives
  • Magazines
  • Multimedia
  • Newspapers
  • Primary Sources
  • Reference Books
  • Websites

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