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Analog vs Digital: Home


Welcome to the Hancock Middle Senior High School LibGuide on analog and digital waves. This guide was created for use as part of the 7th grade science unit on waves. Here you will find links to research resources including articles, images, videos and online interactives from our subscription databases and carefully selected websites.





Learn the secret between Digital that people don't like to talk about at parties. Just what is it and how does it compare to Analog? We'll take a look using Clocks! AddOhms is a series of electronics tutorials for everybody else. You don't need to be an engineering expert to understand the concepts needed to make your project beep, buzz, blink, or fly.
By: TuHSPhysicsTTSD Run time: 3:29. What are the advantages of storing information digitally as opposed to storing information in an analog or more mechanical fashion?
The debate of analog vs digital audio recording.

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