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LibGuides - Getting Started: Getting Started


Are you a new LibGuides author? Use this page to learn how to manage your account and set up your profile.

Already have a profile? Go to Create a Guide and other tabs to learn how to create LibGuides content.

Your LibGuides Profile

Your profile appears, by default, in the right hand column of each of your LibGuides pages as well as on your main profile page. It includes an image, contact information, a list of the subject areas you cover, and other information.

See Setting Up/Editing Your Profile at the right to learn how to create and manage your profile.

Thank You

Thank you to Stephanie Ham of Metro Nashville Public Schools for the use of her excellent tutorial. 

Stephanie Ham profile 

Managing Your LibGuides Account

Logging in:

  • Go to the WCPS LibApps login page at:
  • Enter your WCPS email address (including and your LibGuides password.
    • If you've forgotten your password, click on the Reset Password link under the login box.  
    • Note: You can also login from LibGuides page (bottom right hand corner)
  • This will take you to your main administration page from which you can create, edit, and delete guides and create and edit your profile.

Changing your password:

  • From your main administration page, go to Edit My Account.
  • Enter a new password and click on Save Changes.

Setting Up/Editing Your Profile

To create or edit your profile, go to the LibApps Dashboard and click on My Profile in the menu bar (gold bar across the top).  Enter or edit information in the following boxes:

Profile Box Title: This can be your job title or something else that represents you and what you do.  Whatever it is, keep it short so that it fits in the narrow column
Profile Image: Upload an image of yourself or of something that you would like to represent you from your computer.
Contact Info: Enter your address, phone number, email address, and any other contact information. 
If you have a website or blog you want to link to, enter the URL here.
Social Media Enter any pertinent links to your social media presence (Facebook, Flicker, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and/or YouTube)
Social Cataloging Enter any pertinent links to your social cataloging presence (LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari) 
Widgets If your site has access to any additional LigGuide (or other) widgets, that information can be added here (LibAnswers, LibChat, LibCal, etc.) 


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