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LibGuides - Getting Started: Add/Edit Boxes

Adding Content Boxes

 Adding content boxes to a page:

  • Click on Add New Box in the column in which you want the box to appear.
  • Select a Content Box Type using the tabs (Create New Box OR Reuse Existing Box).  Reusing Existing Boxes will be covered in a different section to the right on this page) 
  • Enter a name for the box. (Use title case in page names)
  • Select a position for the box from the Position drop-down menu
  • Click Save.

One, Two, or Three Columns?

The default layout for a LibGuides page consists of a narrow column on the left, a wide column in the center, and a narrow column with the librarian's profile box on the right. (considered 25/50/25 in the layout options) 

The format can be changed to have one, two, or three columns with adjustable widths. Here's how to change from the default:

  • Click on Layout in the gray bar beneath the tabs.
  • Select one of the available options OR select Custom Widths.
  • Options are: 1 column, 2 columns (50/50, 25/75. or 75/25), 3 columns (25/50/25, 50/25/25, 25/25/50, 33/33/33) or 4 columns.  Custom column widths can also be created.  

Types of Content Boxes

Once the box is actually created, you can click on Add/Reorder within the box to add content.  Listed below are some different types of content that can be added to created boxes.  Click on each heading/content type to be taken to a page with more information. Please note that there are more options than are presented here.  What is included below are the most popular options. 

Rich Text/HTML  Rich Text/HTML is the most versatile box type, for any type of formatted text (including html), links,inserting images.
Link Link boxes can include a short description and thumbnail or resource images.
Embedded Media and Widgets An embedded media box/widget enables you to embed streaming video or audio or a widget inside your page. Videos can reside on any video sharing sites (YouTube, etc.). You need to enter the full embed code to embed it inside the content box.
Book from the catalog Book from the catalog allows for direct linkage to a book in your library catalog and can include bibiliographic information including book cover images. 
Document/file Document/file allows you to upload a variety of document/file formats including PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, etc. 
Guide List Guide List allows you to create a list of guides on a specific topic, by a specific creator, or other critera.
Other Options Including: RSS feeds, poll, Google search, LibAnswers widget, LibSurveys Item.   

Reusing & Reordering Boxes

Reusing content boxes:

When adding a new content box, instead of creating a new box you can reuse existing boxes in two different ways. 

  • Reuse as is from the system: This option duplicates the selected content box, and will change automatically whenever the original is changed.
  • Copy another box from the system:This option duplicates the selected content box, but is not linked to the original. It can be edited on its own.
    • Any box in the WCPS LibGuides system can be linked to or copied.
  • To reuse to or copy a box:
    • Click on Add New Box in the column where you want the new box to appear.
    • Click on the Reuse Existing Box tab.
    • Choose the guide and box you want to copy or link to.
    • Give the box a title (or keep the existing title)
    • Leave the check box unchecked if you want to link to the original or check it if you want to copy the box and enable changes to the copy.

Reordering content boxes:

  • You can reorder boxes on a page by moving them up or down in a column. You can also move boxes between columns. You can even move boxes from one page to any other page within the same guide.
  • To reorder boxes:
    • Click on Pages (with gears icon beside it in the gray bar below the tabs)
    • Select Reorder -> Boxes.
    • Drag and drop the boxes you want to move to the desired locations from the dialog box that opens
    • Click on Save