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LibGuides - Getting Started: Document or File

About Documents/Files

LibGuides makes it so simple to add documents or files to any guide and content box... Follow the instructions provided here!

This is what it can look like if you select the same description display options... Other choices are to not display the full description but to instead have it pop up if the user hovers over the item title OR an information icon.  

Adding Document/File to a LibGuide


  1. Go to the LibGuide and content Box where you want the document/file to be added
  2. Go to Add/Reorder and select Document/File
  3. Make sure the Create New Document tab is selected
  4. In the box that comes up enter the document/file title, description, determine description display options
  5. Click on Attach to browse and locate the document/file to upload
  6. Enter a password if you want the document/file password protected
  7. Determine the position for the document/file
  8. Assign an icon or thumbnail image if you want one
  9. Click on Save