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LibGuides - Getting Started: Guide List

About Guide Lists

LibGuides makes it so simple to a guide list to any guide and/or content box... Follow the instructions provided here!

The Links to Guides format allows you to display a list of links to guides, subjects and profiles within your system. To get started, select the type of information you would like to display from the list of options. If needed, additional options will be displayed depending on which option was selected.

Below is an example of what a guide list looks like - these were manually selected.  Each guide, when selected, includes: the author of the guide, when it was last updated, and how many views the guide has received.  

Adding a Guide List to a Libguide


  1. Go to the LibGuide and the content Box that you want to include the Guide List on
  2. Click on Add/Reorder and select Guide List
  3. Decide how you want to select the guides: manually selected, guides in a subject area, guides by a user, guides by a group
  4. For the guides in a subject area, the guides would have to be tagged with subject headings
  5. Determine the position for the list to appear
  6. Click on Save