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LibGuides - Getting Started: Web Links

2 Possible Reasons to List Links in Text Boxes

There are two possible disadvantages and reasons you might want to keep links in a text box:

  1. Size limit on descriptions: A Simple Web Links box gives you only 255 characters for descriptions. A Links & Lists box gives you that and an additional pop-up description unlimited in size. There may be cases where you feel it's necessary to provide a longer description without a pop-up. In general, though, shorter is better; the longer the text, the less likely our users are to read it.
  2. Inability to group links in a box: There may be cases where you'll want to group Web links by some category. You cannot do this in a single box (though you can create separate boxes on a page for different types of links.) You can also add descriptive text, with no size limitations, at the top of an Web links box, but only at the top.

Advantages of Link Boxes Over Links in Text Boxes

Link Boxes:

  • Automatically arrange resources into bulleted lists that are neater, more consistent, and easier to create than they are in text boxes.
  • Automatically format descriptions of the resources on a separate line or in a pop-up box (depending on the type of link box.)
  • Make it easier to manage and edit content, with each element (title, URL, description) of each link able to be edited via a form instead of having to move through a long block of text to make changes.
  • Encourage concise descriptions. There are limits on the length of descriptions, but shorter descriptions are generally better and in keeping with our goal of less text-heavy guides. (There are sometimes good reasons for longer descriptions, but there are also other options for making them available.)

Adding/Editing Items in a Simple Web Links Box

Adding items to a Link box:

  • Within the box, click on Add/Reorder and select Link from the list that appears
  • Make sure the Create New Link tab is selected
  • Fill in the fields in the new link form as follows:
    • Link Name: The name of the resource.
    • Link URL: The web address of the resource
    • Window Target: leave as use system default (new window) 
    • Description (Optional): A description of the resource, no more than 256 characters
      • Description options can be set as to when/where you want the description to appear (beneath the item title all the time, when a user hovers over the item title, when the user hover overs the "info" icon, or hide the description)
    • Position: only option currently is top of the box  
  • Click on Save

Editing items in a Link box:

  • Click on the edit button after the link you want to edit
  • Select Edit from the drop down.  
  • Edit whichever field or fields you want to change. (You can also choose to delete the item.)
  • Click on Save

Reordering items in a Link box:

  • Click on Sort Link Group (this appears after you have more than one link in a list)
  • Links can be sorted alphabetically By Title


  • Click on Add/Reorder and scroll down to the end of the list of options to Reorder Content
  • Drag and drop the items in the order that you want
  • Click on Save Order

Adding Thumbnail Images or Icons: 

  • Please note that Thumbnail Images or Resource Icons can be added to link lists