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LibGuides - Getting Started: Media/Widgets

About Embedded Media Boxes

An Embedded Media box displays a video or audio that a user can click on to play within your LibGuide.

Videos can be from YouTube or other video sharing sites that provide embedding code.

Note that many videos are too wide for a narrow column, though they can be resized by changing the code.

Adding an Embedded Video


Adding a video:

  • After creating/naming your box, click on Add/Reorder
  • Choose Media/Widget from the drop-down list
  • Choose the Create New Widget tab (unless the widget you want to use is already available on a guide) 
  • Type in the Name of the widget or resource
  • Paste in the embedded code cut from the video sharing site.
  • Click on Save

Embedding YouTube Videos

Embedding YouTube Videos

  1. Locate the YouTube video you want to embed in your LibGuide
  2. Under the YouTube video display, click on the Share icon 
  3. Click on the Embed tab
  4. Select all of the displayed text and copy it
  5. Go to your libguide and libguide box where you want the video displayed.
  6. Within the libguide box, select Add/Reorder and Media/Widget
  7. Type in the video name and paste the copied code from the YouTube video into the Embed Code box.
  8. Select the position for the video within the box.
  9. Click Save