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End of the Year Book Return (May 2024): All books and payments for lost books are due May 20 (for Flook, Buhrman, Myers, Martin, Franko and 5th) or May 22 (for Pre K, Jenkins, Ezard, Plasterer, Shumaker and Jarcy). After May 20 -- no new checkouts but don't forget all of our great resources for digital ebooks!

Pre K, K and 1st grades:

  • Students may check out 1 book at a time
  • Students exchange books once a week on media day (only first media day if meeting twice in one week)

2nd-5th grades:

  • Maximum number of books out corresponds to grade level (2nd- 2 at a time, 3rd- 3 at a time, etc.)
  • Students exchange books every other week (on first media day of the week)

Book exchange dates/due dates: Click your teacher's name to see the due date list. White ~ Hoch ~ Jenkins ~ Flook ~ Ezard ~ Buhrman ~ Plasterer ~ Myers ~ Shumaker ~ Martin ~ Jarcy ~ Franko ~ Barnhart ~ Baker

Renewals: Students may renew a book as many times as they want if it is not on hold for any other student. Please bring the book in on book exchange day and use a blue "Renew This Please" bookmark to show it needs to be renewed.

Damaged books: Please use a yellow "Book Hospital" bookmark when returning the book to let the library media specialist know it needs repairs.

Forgotten books: Forgot your book on book exchange day? Don't stress; just bring the book the next day. If you can't check out because you have the maximum number of books already out, you are still welcome to browse for books and put them on hold, then exchange for them as soon as you bring in the forgotten book(s).

Lost books: Please let the library media specialist know the book is lost to discuss options for paying for or replacing the book to clear your account.

If you have a long pattern of lost, damaged or forgotten books, the library media specialist may ask that you reduce the number of books out at a time, keep books in your classroom only, or both.