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Greenbrier Elementary LibGuide: Forces/interactions


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Grover knows all about force. Grover uses force every day and is a force expert. What? You don't know what force is? Force is the pushing and pulling you use to move things. When do you use force? Length: 1:45
What you will learn from this video: A force is a push or pull that makes things move. A push moves things away from you. A pull moves things towards you. Forces can also make things speed up, slow down and change directions. Length: 1:10
Did you know that when you’re soaring on the swings, or sliding down the slide, you’re taking part in some seriously cool science? Jessi explains the forces you can find at the playground! Covers: forces, gravity, Newton's Laws of Motion, and friction. Length: 3:37
In this Milo's Monster School Vlog, Milo races cars down ramps of different inclines to see how fast they can go. Learn all about force and motion with Milo the Monster! Length: 6:35

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