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Black-Eyed Susan Program: Grades 4-6

Grades 4-6 Nominees

2020-2021 Grades 4-6 Nominees

Cline-Ransome, Lesa - Finding Langston
Hahn, Mary Downing - Guest: A Changeling Tale
Hashimoto, Meika - The Trail
Kelly, Lynne - Song for a Whale
Korman, Gordon - Unteachables
Nielsen, Jennifer - Words on Fire
Parry, Rosanne - A Wolf Called Wander
Scheerger, Sarah - Operation Frog Effect
Thompson, Lisa - The Light Jar
Woods, Brenda - The Unsung Hero of Birdsong USA

Grades 4-6 Nominees - Description BES Grades 4-6 Resources

Grades 4-6 Nominees - Book Trailers