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Paramount Elementary LibGuide: Staff Resources

Paramount Elementary Staff Resource Website

The Help Desk

HELP DESK - Did you know you can put in a work order on your own?  Just access the help desk and follow the prompt.

Things to know...

  • Login with Google.
  • Click on New incident to report a problem or IOS Application Request for requesting an app. 
  • For issues with a computer, you will need the model name and serial number.

Keychain Issues

If you are having a keychain issue with your MacBook, try the following steps:

1.) Click on "Go" on the top menu of the homescreen.

2.) Click on "Go to Folder".

3.) Type in ~/library, then click "Go".

4.) Find the "Keychains" folder.  Drag the folder to the the trash.

5.) Then restart your MacBook.

Also, one way to avoid potential keychain issues is to only change your password at school.  

LibGuide and Resource Links

Requests for LibGuide Resources and Links - Are you looking for a resource or want a link added to the LibGuide?  Let me know!!!  Please allow a minimum of 72 hours for links to be added.


We have the following STEM Kits available for checkout in the Library Media Center:

Lego Wedo kits

Keva planks


Lego Duplos

Ozobot Evo

If you would like PD or more information about any of the STEM kits, please complete this Google form and I will get back in touch with you ASAP.

I Want to Learn More About....

I Want to Learn More About ... - Tell me what you want to know!  Is there anything you want to learn about?  Something you need a refresher on?  Tell me and it can be included in the next tech PD!

I Would Like to Share My Knowledge

I Would Like to Share My Knowledge - Teach us what you know! Is there an App or program you think others would benefit from knowing about? Let me know and I will work you into the next tech PD.

Wi-Fi Issues

1.) Close all apps

2.) Disable WIFI

3.) Power OFF for at least 5 seconds

4.) Power Back on

5.) Enable WIFI and verify connection to WCPS-ACCESS

6.) From Settings - click "General/Reset/Reset Network Settings"

7.) When unit powers back on - verify WIFI connection and monitor