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Electricity and Magenetism: Home

Reading activity and educational game for Mrs. Lynn's 8th grade science period 6, 10/6/2015.

Today's tasks

Liboratory October 6, 2015:

Mrs. Lynn's 8th Grade Science 6th Period Class

In science, you have been studying electricity and magnetism. Today, we will look at some examples of how these topics are important in everyday life by reading and discussing recent news articles about electricity and energy. If there is extra time, you will also have a chance to put your science smarts to the test in an online game called Gizmos and Gadgets.

Your Assignment Today:

1. Choose one of the three news articles.

  • "Kids turn on the lights for people in need" - About creating solar generators
  • "Nobel Prize physics winners are amazed" - About the invention of LED light bulbs
  • "A Funny looking car for a weird race" - About building cars that use less energy

2. Read the article. Underline or highlight sentences that are important or interesting.

3. Take the quiz for the article to check your understanding. Put your name on your paper and turn it in.

When you are finished, you are free to play the game below: