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Hurricanes: Home

A Liboratory Collaboration for 7th Grade Social Studies

Your Task...

Social Studies Liboratory Assignment for Monday, September 5:

Hurricane Research

Today, you will be working in groups to collect facts about some of the most destructive hurricanes in history. The information you collect will be used to create "fact spirals" in the shape of hurricanes for a hallway display.


  1. Click on the tab at the top of the page for the hurricane your group will be researching.
  2. Working quietly and independently, click each of the research resource links on the right side of the page and explore the websites.
    • Many of the articles have a "Listen" button if you prefer to hear the text read out loud.​​
    • Make sure you use headphones if you are listening to audio or watching video.
  3. When you find an important or interesting fact, return to the page for your hurricane and add it to your group's Research Notes bulletin board.
    • ​​Do this by double-clicking anywhere on the bulletin board, then typing your fact in the box that appears.
    • Or, you can use the icons at the bottom of the box to share pictures, links and more!
  4. As a group, look over your bulletin board to make sure facts are not duplicated (posted more than once) and make sure you have answered the following questions:
    • What year was the hurricane?
    • Where did it occur?
    • What was the category?
    • How destructive was it? List the cost of the damage if you can find it.
    • Did anyone die? List the number of deaths if you can find it.
  5. When you have finished, write the facts you have collected on the hurricane-shaped information spiral paper.
    • Put each fact on a new line and turn the paper as you write so your words follow the line.
    • Please write neatly.

Mrs. Shilling