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Romeo and Juliet: Home

Delve deeper into Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with the resources from this guide.


Literary Criticism Resources on

Romeo & Juliet

A Resource Guide Created for Mr. Smith's English Class at Hancock Middle Senior High School

Scholarly Criticism

The following articles (and others) are available through EBSCO's Literary Reference Center provided by the Washington County Free Library and may be accessed with a Washington County Free Library card number.

Romeo & Juliet Overview by 60Second Recap

Online text and audio of Romeo and Juliet

Safari Montage Videos

The following videos are available from Safari Montage through Washington County Public Schools. They are best viewed in Internet Explorer. Users should log in with their WCPS email address ( and password.

YOLO Juliet: Shakespeare in Texts and Emojis

Video by Tech Insider, based on the book YOLO Juliet (OMG Shakespeare)

Historical Background

Read It in Modern English