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IBCP Reflective Project

Ethical Dilemma

According to the Reflective Project Guide, an ethical dilemma is "a choice between two (or more) conflicting moral perspectives where neither choice provides a perfect solution.


In the context of the reflective project, you are required to examine an ethical dilemma by examining the advantages and disadvantages of each moral perspective."

The issue

Identify and explain an issue and clearly and explicitly link it to your career-related study.

The ethical dilemma

Identify the ethical dilemma that arises from that issue.

The research question

Identify and describe accurately the question to be answered that explicitly references the ethical dilemma you identified.

Research Question Examples

Teacher Academy

  • Should teacher pay be based on student performance?
  • Should schools be allowed to confiscate personal property from students? 
  • Should school staff, with proper training, be permitted to conceal carry a firearm on school property as a means of protection for staff and students against an armed intruder?
  • Should transgender students be able to participate in school sports teams with the gender in which they identify?
  • Should elementary students be required to take standardized tests? 
  • Should parents be able to determine whether a student should be retained in a grade?

Interactive Media Production

  • Should the film industry be required to pay directors, actresses, and actors the same wages and recognize them equally, despite their gender and/or race?
  • Should photographers be able to take pictures of people to use publicly, without any consent from those people?
  • To what extent is street photography an invasion of privacy? 
  • To what extent is "shock advertising" a legitimate form of advertising?
  • Does CGI cross the ethical boundaries surrounding the depiction of deceased actors/actresses through digital resurrection?
  • Should the media publish stories that are in the public interest, even if it affects the private life of an individual?

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Should food and beverage establishments have to continue to serve guests who act out negatively against employees?
  • Should hotels be allowed to search their guests' luggage to prevent potential shootings and other issues from occurring?
  • Should there be federal oversight of American amusement parks and accidents that occur within the attractions?
  • Should the public be notified when recurring issues threaten the safety of air travel?
  • Should the hospitality and tourism industry continue to replace some employees with automated service technologies?
  • Should tourism be restricted in fragile coastal areas?

Computer Science

  • Should virtual reality devices be regulated?
  • Should companies and employers have the legal power to electronically monitor employees’ activity at the potential cost of the employee’s right to privacy?
  • Should companies be allowed to collect personal digital data to personalize content and ads on your device?
  • Should the government and private agencies be allowed to employ hackers to ascertain potential threats to the United States?

Food Services

  • Should there be more oversight on the enforcement of regulations regarding the humane slaughter of livestock or farm animals for human consumption? 
  • Should the food industry be more responsible with food waste?
  • Should restaurants consider the use of “imperfect produce” in order to reduce food waste?
  • Should restaurants be mandated to notify their consumers that genetically modified ingredients are used in their menu items?
  • Should producers of food products be allowed to use GMOs to improve aesthetics, production, and nutrition of their foods to appeal to customers?