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Sources for Fun Facts Calendar Project: Home


As a gift for a family member or friend, create a monthly wall calendar based around a theme chosen from the suggestions provided or pre-approved by Mrs. Tuya (example: mountains). For each month, the top half of the calendar should display an interesting fact about your topic (example: The nation of Iceland is the highest peak of the world’s longest mountain system, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is mostly underwater) AND a black and white photo available under a creative commons license (example: a photo of Iceland). You should appropriately cite the sources of the photo and the fact on the page where they appear.

Destiny Search

Use this search box to search the Hancock Middle High Follett Destiny catalog! 

After you search, try clicking on WebPath Express to view trustworthy websites on your topic.

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Online Resources provided by Washington County Public Schools

 SIRS Discoverer World Book Safari Montage 

Online Resource provided by WCFL & Sailor

Explora is a database accessible from the WCFL & Sailor Resources portal page on the Washington County Free Library web site. Click HERE to go to the portal page and select explora secondary. No username/password required.

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Mrs. Shilling