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WCPS Library Media Policies and Procedures Guide: Collection Development

Library Media Program Collection Development

Library Media Collection Development


Rationale Statement

The school library media program is an integral part of the instructional process and is based upon the belief that all students, teachers, administrators, and support staff should have open access to resources and materials in a variety of formats to support teaching and learning as well as pleasure reading activities.  To ensure access to quality library media collections, a systematic plan for assessing and shaping library media collections is essential. Library media specialists will identify strengths and weaknesses in their collections based upon the uniqueness of their school community and programs. Collection development requires constant analysis and is an ongoing process. The outcome will be a more effective library media program in support of the instructional goals of Washington County Public Schools.


The Plan

The Washington County Public Schools’ Library Media Collection Development Plan is a systemic plan which has been established to ensure quality collections in all of our elementary, middle and high schools.  This is an ongoing process which identifies strengths and weaknesses of the school library media collection in terms of meeting stakeholder needs and allows the library media specialist to demonstrate that:

  1. funds are spent wisely,
  2. the collection meets the information needs of the stakeholders and the curriculum
  3. the collection meets the independent, pleasure reading needs of the school population


The Washington County Public Schools’ Library Media Collection Development Plan has four distinct components:

  1. Analysis of School Library Media Environment
  2. Assessment of the Existing Library Media Collection
  3. Weeding and Removal of Unwanted Items
  4. Selection and Acquisition of New Materials

Cataloging Resources

Collection Resources

Inventory Recommendation

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