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WCPS Library Media Policies and Procedures Guide: LM Standards & Program Goals

Library Media Standards and Program Goals

Library Media Standards and Program Goals


Research shows that one of the chief characteristics of a high performing school is a quality Library Media Program. Based upon this research,  Washington County Public Schools Office of Instructional Technology and Library Media Programs supports the importance of efforts in helping students learn more, achieve better grades, and score higher through building and supporting strong school library media programs.

In this effort, the office has developed a self-assessment and goal-setting tool for use by teachers, librarians, students, administrators, parents, and school community members to assess the Library Media Program across 25 different "Essential Elements."  The School Library Media Program Standards Rubric is recommended for use to create Library Media Program self-assessments that include qualitative and quantitative evidence and aid in development of action plans for program improvements that strive to reach "Proficient" or "Distinguished" status in each "Essential Element", meet higher learning standards, and improve student achievement.


Future Ready Librarian Information

Over the course of this year and preparing for next, we will be migrating to the Future Ready Librarian Framework and away from our Library Media Program Standards document dated 2010.  In preparation for this change, please feel free to utilize these resources to become informed.

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