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"Violent protests began in Libya in February 2011. The unrest soon escalated into an open, armed rebellion against the rule of Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi. Qadhafi had ruled Libya since 1969. The Libyan military responded to the rebellion by attacking rebel strongholds, killing thousands. The United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization intervened to protect civilians. By August 2011, rebel forces had gained the upper hand and controlled most of the country. Rebels killed Qadhafi in October. The National Transitional Council, the political arm of the rebellion, took power as Libya's transitional government."

Cuno, Kenneth M., and Jake Bumgardner. "Arab Spring." World Book Advanced, World Book, 2020,

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  • Libyan Revolution, February 17

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  • Arab Awakening

  • Pro-Democracy Movements in Libya

  • “Arab Spring” in Libya

  • Libyan Civil War, 2014

  • Khalifa Haftar

  • Libyan Elections, 2012

  • Libyan Elections, 2014

  • Government of National Accord

  • House of Representatives, Libya

  • General National Congress, Libya